The X-Tornado is a blue plane-like vehicle created by a long-lost civilization called the Ancients. Its' is mostly piloted by Miles "Tails" Prower.


Physical AppearanceEdit

The X-Tornado is a reasonably medium-sized blue aircraft. Like other biplanes, it has two main wings stacked one above the other, but are so close together that they have smaller distance between them that the X-Tornado's airframe. Between the middle of the wings on each side it has a propeller, but without a propeller on the nose. The nose rim and the wings' sides of the X-Tornado are yellow, the tip of the wings are each adorned with a light blue light, and it possesses a raise and wide empennage. The X-Tornado also possesses two open cockpits with windshields, but instead of them being aligned along the airframe, they are placed side-by-side.

Features and AbilitiesEdit



Known PilotsEdit


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