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The United Forces are the United Republic of Nations' first line of defense. They serve as the nation's main military, consisting of nonbending soldiers as well as firebenders, waterbenders, and earthbenders.




The navy of the United Forces is split into several divisions. The First Division, commanded by General Iroh, was completely destroyed during the battle for Republic City in 170 AG. Part of the navy was once again destroyed in 174 AG by Kuvira and her spirit energy cannon.


The United Forces use large fleets of battleships during combat. The First Division is led by General Iroh, and the Second Division was led by Commander Bumi before his resignation in early 171 AG.


Each battleship bears the characteristic insignia of each of the three nations. Battleships have the Earth Kingdom insignia located on their bows, Fire Nation insignias on their cannons, and Water Tribe insignias on the hulls.


Battleships are armed with a multitude of cannons powered by firebenders, alongside several platforms equipped with earth discs launched by earthbenders. There are also waterbenders for anti-mine defense.


The crewmen of the battleships wear a variety of different uniforms, with each marine's apparel being determined by the type of bending that they utilize. Firebenders wear maroon, earthbenders dark green, waterbenders blue, and nonbenders gray uniforms. In addition to these uniforms, the crewmen wear caps or light helmets with leather neck guards. High-ranking officers wear a more elaborately designed uniform, though the color of every outfit is red and not discriminant of the officer's bending abilities, or lack thereof. In addition, the outfit also includes gold trimmings, a black belt, and a white lower portion and trousers.

List of Known Commanding Officers

Air Force

After the Anti-bending Revolution, the United Forces acquired biplanes, which were incorporated into their line of warfare and bore the emblem of the United Republic.


The United Forces has an extensive infantry force, consisting of at least five battalions of each 275 soldiers; two battalions are formed by soldiers hailing from the Fire Nation, two from the Earth Kingdom, and one from the Water Tribes. The ground troops are strengthened by at least thirty-five mecha tanks, divided in five battalions of seven.