Tonraq is a powerful waterbender and the current chief of the Southern Water Tribe. He is also the husband of Senna, the father of Avatar Korra, and the older brother of Unalaq. He later serves as captain of the Twenty-Third Division in the Heroes Alliance and his lieutenants are Tenzin's two eldest siblings, Kya and Bumi.


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As a warrior, Tonraq was brash and hotheaded, relying on his physical strength to protect the tribe, and was never particularly connected to the spiritual world, much like his daughter in her performance of her Avatar duties. However, he was denied his right to become chief due to his banishment and his brother, Unalaq, later took control of the Northern Water Tribe. Following his banishment, he moved to the Southern Water Tribe in order to live a simpler life. Tonraq had an unstable relationship with his brother, which was based on their mutual disdain for the other's attitude and beliefs toward the Spirit World. Despite this, however, attacking his brother was a line he would never cross. Tonraq was respectful of Unalaq's decisions as Chief of the Water Tribe, but this changed when he learned his brother was responsible for his banishment, and he resolved to fight against the northern invasion of the south. Although he denounced his family ties to his brother after being betrayed by him, Tonraq could not so easily follow up on his word and still referred to Unalaq as his brother when he tried to reason with him.


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  • Waterbending Master - As a waterbending master, Tonraq is able to use his abilities to effectively maneuver over the battlefield by creating ramps and slides made of ice. Contrary to a more classical style of waterbending, Tonraq tends to rely more on his own brute strength to overpower his opponents and utilizes a more aggressive style of waterbending; combined with his quick reflexes, this makes him a dangerous adversary, to the point that he was able to temporarily hold off skilled benders such as Unalaq and Zaheer, and defeat several Northern Tribe soldiers.

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  • Physical Prowess
  • Master Strategist and Tactician
  • Weapon Proficiency


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