Sora Hakama is the Sixth Seated Officer of the Sixth Squad of the Gotei 13. His captain is Byakuya Kuchiki.
Sora Hakama - Bleach

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Sora is a young, teenage individual with fair skin, royal blue eyes and black, short-spiked hair with several strands framing his face and has a slight tint of dark green. He wears a silver, chain necklace with a wolf amulet that represents his personality and a long white bandana around his forehead. Sora wears the standard Shinigami attire and a pair of brown fingerless gloves that extends to his wrists with silver plates on the top of his gloves.



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  • Keen Intellect
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Endurance
  • Enhanced Durability

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  • High Spiritual Power - Despite being the Third Seat of his squad, Sora boasts high levels of spiritual energy, which is at the level of a lieutenant-class Shinigami. His Reiatsu color is light-green.


Komamaru (Spring Wolf) - In its sealed form, Komamaru looks like a wakizashi with a wolf-shaped crossguard with two pointed ears and a silver hilt with green-colored cloth wrapping, as well as a dark-green colored sheath.

  • Shikai - The Shikai release command for Komamaru is "Bark". Upon activation, Sora gains a pair of six, twelve-inch sharp claws with four small black rings between the claws and knuckle portions with hilts to hold the claws in place.

Shikai Special Ability - Komamaru is mostly used for meele combat, but possesses two known special abilities:

  • Wolfe Hanka (Howling Wolf-Fang Cutter)
  • Wolfe Gongo (Twin Wolf-Fang Claw Cutter)
  • BankaiTanka Komamaru (Forest-Wind Spring Wolf) - Upon unleashing Bankai, a shroud of green smoke envelops the area and a large green wolf spirit forms from the smoke and turns its' energy to the zanpakuto's owner. In this form, Sora gains a gauntlet on his right wrist, resembling the top portion of a wolf's skull, with a cowl of green fur supporting its' base. A short, bony tail composed of verbeta-like structures protrudes from the back of the skull, and leaves trails behind him. At will, Sora can extend a large blade from the wolf's mouth. Additionally, Sora gains a fur-like cowl around his neck, with a pair of pauldrons that form an armored collar. The cowl appears to be the fur of a wolf, and the wolf's skull can be seen over Sora's left shoulder.

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