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`Rotor the Walrus, also called Rotor Walrus, is a purple, anthropomorphic walrus who serves as the New Freedom Fighters' resident mechanic and inventor.

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Physical Appearance

Rotor is an anthropomorphic walrus and is generally larger than most of the other members of the New Freedom Fighters. He has violet fur with darker toes and fingers, peach skin on his front torso and muzzle, large tusks, and green eyes.

Rotor wears a green toolbelt across his shoulder, a pair of yellow goggles on his head, a pair of yellow fingerless gloves and a pair of yellow socks. He also wears a pair of form-fitting black and grey shoes.


Rotor is friendly, level-headed and rarely shows aggression. When first introduced, he is somewhat gruff and has a slight confident attitude, to the point that he shows little hesitation in combatting Eggman's robots head-on. There are sometimes though, when Rotor can be a bit easygoing and laidback when he isn't needed.

Rotor is very devoted to his friends and is trusted by anyone that knows him. He is willing to help his loved in any way possible and is valiant and courageous in the face of danger.


Powers and Abilities

Intelligence and Mechanical Abilities

  • Master Mechanic and Inventor - Rotor's greatest talent lies in his mechanical abilities. Even in a young age, he had a natural affinity for mechanics. As a member of the New Freedom Fighters, he is a mechanical super genius, a quick thinker and very insightful, adept at creating tools and machines for use in the war against Dr. Eggman and beyond, as well as deciphering new technology. 
    • World-class Engineering Skills
    • High-level Intelligence
    • Expert Tactician

Physical Abilities

  • Super Strength - As a Walrus, Rotor is a bulky fighter and possesses high physical strength, enough to let him to completely overwhelm normal badniks.
  • Super Endurance
  • Excellent Swimmer

Other Skills

  • Expert Knowledge of Mechanics and Technology
  • Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant






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