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P'Li was a powerful firebending criminal who possessed the rare ability to combustionbend and a long-time member of the Red Lotus. She is also Zaheer's girlfriend.



Physical Appearance

P'Li was an exceedingly tall (6'8" or 203cm) middle-aged woman with a lean build. She had tan skin, rusty black side-cut hair that she wore in a single long braid, russet-brown eyes, and a tattoo in the center of her forehead of a vertical red eye with three stylized heat shimmers at each side and a small set of red-and-white concentric circles underneath it.


P'Li was fiercely loyal to Zaheer and his cause to eliminate nations and world leaders in order to instigate an era of chaos and freedom. Deeply in love with Zaheer, she displayed a protective streak when it came to him, as evidenced when she readily stayed behind to guard his body while his soul was still in the Spirit World and to hold back Lin, Suyin, and the other metalbenders to give Zaheer a chance to escape with Korra.


Powers and Abilities

Firebending Prowess

  • Firebending Master
    • Combustionbending - P'Li is a combustionbender; able to perform the rare technique which produces a concentrated beam of heat from her forehead which, upon contact with the target, produces a powerful explosion. Her combustion blasts had great destructive power, able to demolish most targets. She was able to use it with relative ease, firing several beams in succession to subdue numerous opponents. She is able to fire these beams over great distances with considerable accuracy. At the same time, she was the only known user of the technique capable of curving her blasts, effectively enabling her to strike from various angles and directions. Despite P'Li's precision, a single strike to her forehead temporarily disrupted her ability to focus her chi and properly fire a combustion beam.

Other Skills

  • Enhanced Agility


  • Combustion Aura Mode

Zenkai Special Ability




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