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Nozomi Kujo is a Mod Soul who has escaped from Soul Society and is wanted by Inaba for an unknown reason.



Physical Appearance

Nozomi Kujo has chin-length dark green hair and purplish-red eyes. She wears a red skirt that is thigh length with a cream colored cardigan over it. She also wears long black thigh-high socks. After gaining a Zanpakuto, Nozomi wears a short shihakusho that goes only goes a little below her waist with a white band around the waist and knee high white boots.


Nozomi has quite a defensive personality, shown during the several attempts by Kon to find out her name or where she is from. She is also very independent, shown when Kon tells her that he went to all this trouble to help her out, to which she says that she didn't even ask for his help. However, when Naruto, Ichigo, Korra, Sonic, and their friends open up to her, she is revealed to have more of a exuberant personality. Nozomi is also shown to care for others who care for her, stating she'd be willing to die in combat to help Ichigo and his friends live.


Powers and Abilities

Kido Prowess

Zanjutsu Prowess

Other Skills

  • Shinigami Form
  • Healer

Spiritual Power


Arazome Shigure (Faded Scarlet Late Autumn Shower) - Her Zanpakuto manifested after Kon was about to be killed by a Hollow, and takes the shape of an ordinary katana. She also attached a defective lion doll to the hilt, given to her by Kon. It has a rectangular tsuba with a cross shape embossed on it. The hilt is colored a maroon red, and the sheath is black.

  • Shikai - Arazome Shigure's release command is Rain Down. Nozomi's Shikai resembles a cross, with black and silver linings streaking down it.

Shikai Special Ability - Arazome Shigure has the ability to absorb the Reiatsu of a Zanpakuto, Kido spells, and even Quincy Arrows. She can in fact absorb anything as long as it's reiatsu. Once Arazome Shigure absorbs a power it becomes Nozomi's to use against her opponents as she chooses. As she absorbs reiatsu depending on the level of power used the middle of Arazome Shigure fills up with pink energy like a gauge. Once Arazome Shigure is filled to capacity it glows with pink spiritual energy and resembles a Celtic Cross. At anytime she can release a blast of spiritual energy of varying magnitudes to attack a single or multiple opponents.




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