The Mecha Suit is an improved version of the platinum Mecha Tanks built by Hiroshi Sato. To serve the Military of the Earth Empire, Varrick modernized those tanks to be more sleek and humanoid in design, allowing for greater mobility. They are also the primary weapons of the new Earth Empire, lead by Kano.
Earth Empire mecha suits




Adapting Hiroshi Sato's design of the mecha suit, Varrick designed the mecha suits to have a more humanoid appearance, walking around on two legs and having two arms with four-fingered hands rather than claws. The legs have a build-in rod that can be shot into the ground in order to dig the suit in for extra balance and resistance. The visor was changed to a rotating ball with three windows. These changes allowed for more mobility, visibility, and precision. The new design also made them more resilient against bending attacks. The pilot boards the suit on the head instead of the body like in the old design.


In comparison to the older mecha tanks, the mecha suits are equipped with an upgraded weapon arsenal that includes a flamethrower, electrical charges, grapple hooks, and pistons in the arms to punch other suits. The more mobile model also allows the suit to execute more physical attacks, such as deliver punches and kicks and even utilize grappling maneuvers. The machines are also equipped with retractable chainsaws.


Being electrically charged machines, the mecha suits are vulnerable to being shut down by an electromagnetic pulse. Although their armor is more resistant against bending attack, it can still be melted by a lavabender.

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