Fujimaru Kudo was the former Sixth Seat of the Fifth Squad of the Gotei 13 under his adoptive father, Seigen Suzunami. She and her brother, Fujimaru only help their father when they feel like it.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Matsuri has light blonde hair kept in a ponytail on the top of her head. Her bangs are messy and long, leaving a good portion of them in the middle of her face. She wears the standard Shinigami uniform with a headband that has a flower attached to it along with a light-brown, double-breasted long cloak with a hood around the cloak's collar. Her eyes are bright blue.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Zanjutsu ProwessEdit

Kido ProwessEdit

  • Kido Expert - Matsuri has shown to have some skill in Kido as she is capable of casting high-level Kido spells without incantation, and had knowledge of both Hado and Bakudo.

Shunpo ProwessEdit

  • Shunpo Practitioner - Matsuri has shown that she is able to use Shunpo, at least on par with lieutenant-level Shinigami.

Hakuda ProwessEdit

Other SkillsEdit

Spiritual PowerEdit

  • High Spiritual Power - As a former Shinigami seated officer of the Gotei 13, Matsuri boasts a high level of spiritual energy.


Kotomaru (Tiger Culler) - Kotomaru takes the form of an ordinary katana with a rounded-off rectangular guard and a unique rod-like red hilt.

  • Shikai - Its release command is "Mow'em Down". Its Shikai resembles a Guandao, as it has a long, pole-like, handle and a double-edged blade. It also contains a small ax-like blade on the top, just above the hilt.

Shikai Special Ability

  • Koto Enbu (Tiger-Cull Circle Dance) - Matsuri twirls Kotomaru over her head and compresses spiritual energy within the blade. Afterwards, she swings it, and the area it is swung in is engulfed in a blue pillar of energy.
  • Rengoku (Purgatory)
  • Rasen (Spiral) - Matsuri raises her Zanpakuto in the air and violet energy surrounds her and engulfs anyone surrounding her. The energy itself can also randomly burn, freeze, shock, or poison anyone caught within the vicinity.
  • BankaiRyukyu Kotomaru (Dragon-Seeking Tiger Culler) has a dragon head on her left shoulder and a cape on her waist to foot. On her right shoulder is a piece of gray fur. The blade itself also seems to be composed of a bright pink energy.

Bankai Special Ability - Matsuri's Bankai greatly increases the attack power of her Zanpakutō, as well as her defensive strength.

  • Ryukyu Zessho (Dragon-Seeking Finishing Thrust) - The blade of energy becomes much larger and she uses it to slash all enemies within range of this attack.


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