Lyric the Last Ancient is the last of a benevolent race called the Ancients, but went mad with power and turned on his peers so he could create a world of twisted metal and robots using the power of his people's crystals. Before he could carry out his nefarious deed, however, he was imprisoned.
Sonic Boom Lyric


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Lyric is a giant and monstrous snake with green scales and brown spots in places. He wears a sophisticated brown robotic chest armor with a pair of three-fingered arms. He has a rattle-like object on the tip of his tail that is a gray claw, essentially resembling a hand.


Lyric is described as darker, more foreboding and more power-hungry than Doctor Eggman. Having been driven mad by power, Lyric is an evil, ruthless, dangerous, pitiless and remorseless monster, and an extremely tech-savvy mastermind. He is also rather vengeful, spending his time in his prison to plan his revenge.

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