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Hanataro Yamada is the co-Third Seated officer of the Fourth Squad in the Gotei 13, serving as leader of the 14th Advanced Relief Team.


 He was also the former Seventh seated officer of his squad before sharing the position with Yasochika Iemura.


Physical Appearance


He tends to be clumsy and easily duped. Hanataro's kind nature and nervousness results in him becoming the victim of many bullies and practical jokes. In fact, he states that he is "the most bullied kid in the world." Hanataro's birthday is April 1, April Fools' Day. People spend the whole day tricking him as a result. According to Kon, he has a "boring, but somehow popular with the ladies" look.


Powers and Abilities


Like all other Shinigami, Hanataro possesses a Zanpakuto, even though he is rarely seen carrying it. Since his skills lean more towards medical support and not battle, Hanataro tends to misplace his Zanpakuto as he rarely needs to use it.

Hisagomaru (Gourd) is an average Katana with a blue handle and a circular guard with a brown sphere or bag attached to it. Along the length of the blade is a gauge.

  • Healing - Hisagomaru, unlike a common Zanpakuto, does not inflict damage when the blade hits a target, but rather heals the wounds of anyone it touches. Upon contact with a target a red smoke is emitted from the wound as it heals. The red smoke then enters the blade causing its gauge to fill up with a red light consistent with the level of the injury. Smaller wounds will barely fill the gauge at all, while Encroachment is great enough to instantly fill the gauge.
  • Shikai - Hisagomaru's Shikai command is "Fill". When the gauge is full, Hisagomaru automatically initiates its Shikai and transforms into Akeiro Hisagomaru (Crimson-Colored Gourd). In this form, it takes the shape of a scalpel.

Shikai Special Ability


  • Fourth Squad Medical Pack




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